our Mission

I am a motivated and up-to-date Specialist that provides high quality foot and ankle care to the Bay Area’s busy and active population.

Whether you are an elite or recreational athlete…

Foot and ankle health is integral to being able to move and movement is integral to being in and maintaining your best health.

As a Board Certified Foot and Ankle Specialist who has been in practice since 2013, I am inspired by the people around me…the active people of the Bay Area. You don’t slow down, you are educated, and you ask questions.  My goal is to provide you with care that is a fusion of evidence-based and state of the art care. You will receive timely care in an environment where time does not dictate the quality of care provided to help you heal.

...and I want you to PROPEL.

Ajitha Nair, DPM, MPH

Propel Foot and Ankle is an equal opportunity and non-discriminating business.